Getting Involved

Without our volunteers,
this club would not exist.

As with any organization based on the goodwill of their volunteers, the more individuals who participate the less the work for all.

Our Club is renowned for the enthusiasm of its members, the hard work of our committee heads and Board members, and the unstinting enthusiasm of our volunteers. Volunteer hours contribute so much to the success of the Club. Please contact the club if something sparks your interest. We would love to have you join one (or more) of the committees shown below.


Our committees are the engines that make our club hum. Participation always a lot of fun, and an excellent way to get to know your gardening neighbours!

Advertising In our yearbook: Dawn McGregor

Archives – Our history is important-key events and photos are maintained: Theresa Heron

Five Corners Garden – Part of our mission to contribute to the beautification of our community:  Theresa Heron

Flower Shows – An important part of our heritage-all members can contribute:  Sarah Holland

Friendship – Give condolences and well wishes to our members: Suellen Stratton

Membership – Maintains the database of our membership and sends all communications to membership:  Katherine O’Reilly

Newsletters – An important communication piece that keeps our membership informed and delighted: Nancy Grenier

Plant Sale – Our annual plant sale is our primary fundraiser for the club and allows members, and the public at large, access to a wide array of plants:  Marlene Davison (Chair)

Program Speakers – Our annual speaker series is carefully curated to ensure our members come back time and again to our monthly meetings: Grace Osmond

Scholarships – An important way for our club to connect and support local youth who exhibit an interest in horticultural:  Wanda Wade and Michelle Driscoll

Social Convenors – For the social part of our monthly general meetings: Dianne Taylor

Website & Social Media – Maintaining current and timely information on our club across our website, FaceBook and Instagram:  Bonnie Young

Yearbook – A summary of our year that has been and a look forward to the year that is coming:  Dawn McGreggor, Jenny Cheng-Burke