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One of our most interesting and enjoyable activities is our participation in the 4 Club Garden Tours (Grafton, Cobourg, Cramahe and Port Hope). Cobourg is hosting the 2022 tour in July.  There is no charge and visitors drop by the particpating gardens at their leisure.  Details will be made available as the tour date draws nearer.

Tour 2021 03Due to Covid restrictions, it was not possible to have a full 4 Club Garden Tour in 2021.  However, on Sunday, July 25th our Cobourg Garden Club held an open garden event.  Four gardeners very generously opened their gardens  to our members. 

It was a glorious day. Each garden was uniquely different and interesting.  Every garden was pollinator friendly.

To give you an idea of full tours, following is a summary of some of the past events:

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, six members of the Cobourg Horticultural Society opened their gardens to members of the above 4 clubs. Over 80 visitors explored these 6 gardens on a rather warm and sunny day but were refreshed at the last garden with cooling beverages and shade. The tour was well received with many comments remarking on the variety of gardens being showcased.

The gardens were in Cobourg and the immediate surrounds and ranged from informal, formal, native and woodland lots. These gardens showcased the talents of the gardeners and also highlighted the wide range of looks and feels that gardens can have – all with a view that gardens, no matter how small or large always reflect the care and enthusiasm of the gardener, regardless how large or small their “plot of earth” provides them. Below are some pictures of the participating gardens:

CHS Garden Tour 6CHS Garden Tour 2CHS Garden Tour 3CHS Garden Tour 4CHS Garden Tour 1CHS Garden Tour 5


Grafton hosted in 2013, Port Hope hosted in 2014 and Cramahe hosted in 2015.  A selection of photographs follow:

4 Club Tour 2012 150x150Art in the Garden 4 Club Garden Tour 2012 Garden Tour 2012 4 Club 2012Cobourg - A Frame for Home 2012 Garden TourA Lovely Entrance

Fenton Garden Composite crop courtesy of E.M. LaFontaine1Fenton Garden Composite crop courtesy of E.M. LaFontaine Fenton Garden courtesy of E.M. LaFontaine1 150x150Fenton Garden courtesy of E.M. LaFontaine V. McIntoshs Garden courtesy of E.M. LaFontaineV. McIntoshs Garden courtesy of E.M. LaFontaine

Port Hope Garden 1Port Hope Garden 1 Port Hope Garden 3Port Hope Garden 3 Port Hope Garden 2Port Hope Garden 2