The Cobourg Horticultural Society was founded in February 1859, and became part of the Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) when it was formed in 1906. Major H.J. Snelgrove, Secretary of the Cobourg Society was the First Vice -President of the OHA, and subsequently served as OHA President in 1908-9.

The Cobourg Horticultural Society’s meetings and activities in the 1860’s were regularly recorded in The Cobourg Sentinel and included an annual exhibition at Victoria Hall with competitions in many categories of vegetables, fruits, plants and flowers. During the Centennial year, the membership of 203 planted a raised bed at a highway intersection and beds at the town hall. In co-operation with the Victoria Hall restoration committee and the Canadian Armed Forces base, mop-head maples were planted in the downtown area and other trees in Maple Leaf Park (now known as Victoria Park).

Today our activities include an annual plant sale, speakers at monthly meetings, tours, workshops and funding bursaries for local high school graduates. We participate in activities and studies initiated by the Town of Cobourg that relate to horticulture or cultural interests.

ARCHIVES of our club history are available in binders, and usually can be seen at our meetings, and other presentation sites, along with two large poster boards of clippings, photos, etc.

Our LIBRARY of over 100 titles of book, magazines and tapes is available for monthly borrowing at our meetings.

NEWSLETTERS are prepared three times a year, printed for members and made available here on our website.

Our YEARBOOK contains full information of our officers, committees, meetings, flower show rules and categories, list of members, financial report and resource list.